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When my grandmother was a youth she used to live not far from this bridge. With age her memory has begun to slip, but for some reason whenever I remind her that I am now living in Washington her memories come roaring back to life. She always asks me if I live far from this bridge, if the gloomy sky is bringing me down, if Pike’s Place Market is still here, and then always: how Wilco is doing.

Yesterday, when I saw the bridge covered in fog and gloom I knew that I had to take a picture for her. I am sure that this is Washington, just the way she remembers it.
Now, I just have to get a picture of the dog so she can get the idea of a monster-killer Cujo-beast out of her head.
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Wedding Announcement for the 2012 Season

Typically the “off-season” is a time for photographers and other wedding professionals to campaign for upcoming weddings, but this year I am taking the time to put two long-overdue feathers in my cap.

I am making the final push to get my Associate of the Arts in Photography as well as an Associate in Business for Accounting.
As a result of taking the time to complete my studies, I will be working the 2012 wedding season primarily as an associate photographer or in some cases an assistant photographer.
For those determined to have me as your photographer this year, I appreciate your interest and I am happy to refer you to any of the photographers with whom I operate, until I resume business as usual next year.

Jennifer and Laika | Fort Steilacoom Park

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Gia and Wilco | Fort Steilacoom Park

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Jana and Jeff | Woodland Park Zoo


Shoshonne | Senior Snippet

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Jennifer and Ron | Cedar Springs

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Paul and Barrie | Alderbrook Resort

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Sabrina & Garrett | Auburn, WA

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