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Father & Daughter Dance | Fichtler Wedding

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Green Apple | Absolute Kelvin Studio

I decided it might be time to try a new format for this blog, since I am constantly shooting, but rarely make the time to write a proper update.
My new effort will be to post more frequent, albeit more brief snippets of what I have been working on lately.
To kick off this new format, here’s an apple I shot a few nights ago.
Just for funsies.
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Caitlin & Alexander | La Jolla Shores Inn




Safety Poster | Performance Drywall & Insulation

Performance Drywall and Insulation contacted us to provide images for their new job-site safety posters. The posters are going to be distributed into every new home as a reminder to their workers to wear their safety equipment. They are also going to have the location of the nearest treatment center on them in case there is an injury.
On the poster, PD&I required a picture of a current employee wearing all of the necessary safety equipment, as well as separate images of key items which could be enlarged or inset and highlighted for emphasis.
The equipment shots were a breeze. The challenge of shooting white on white, with reflective and transparent surfaces, was made simple by the fact that they could be done in the studio. But when it came time to get our images of the employee, that’s when things got a bit hairy…
I had planned to setup and shoot inside the warehouse that PD&I keeps their surplus material and equipment in. It would have been a cakewalk, it’s larger than nearly every photo-studio in San Diego and attached to the office where our intended victim would be working for the afternoon. Unfortunately, the day of the shoot, every inch of the warehouse was stuffed to the gills with equipment. It would have made for an awesome editorial shot, but not the whiteout background that they were looking for on the poster.
So, we switched to plan B. Inside the office, we commandeered the 8×8″ lunch room and a hallway. We ousted a table, covered up the creative director’s office with our seamless,
setup a few lights, and then got to work.
Without barndoors this shot would have been impossible. Light control is key in such a teensy space.
_MG_9097 copy.jpg
Some test shots with Gia before we brought in the real talent. (She’s eyeing the water-cooler, supposedly they hold all the secrets in an office.)
_MG_9055 copy.jpg
Then we brought in Kyle, our talent. They ended up choosing the image below which we all joked was his “Champion of the Safe Worker” pose.
_MG_9072 copy.jpg
And lastly, the insets which will be composited together with the above image of Kyle for the final poster.

_MG_9107_square copy.jpg

_MG_9119_square copy.jpg
_MG_9114_square copy.jpg
All-in-all this shoot was a really fun challenge! I look forward to seeing the final posters now that my images are in the hands of the graphic designer. I’ll be sure to share them as soon as I get a copy!
Ciao for now!
– Jordan