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New User Pic. | Absolute Kelvin Studio

The other day I logged into an old forum account and realized that my user picture on there looked nothing like me. Not only have I aged, but I looked brooding and grumpy.
So, today I set out to make one that fit me better.
Hmmm. What would Lady Gaga do?
Just dance!

There used to be a picture of Gia right under this text, but now it only lives on in the heart and mind of it’s creator…and I guess it lives on in my hard drive, but that’s so less dramatic.
So instead of Gia, I will put in this picture of Kate! (Keep an eye out for more pictures to come in their own blog post later!)


Mission successful.
Hope you’ve enjoyed your holidays!
Enjoy your new year safely! Make sure you eat before you party, keep an eye on your homies, and don’t drink and drive.
See you all in 2011.
Ox Ox!
– Jordan

Dave & Mandy’s Wedding Day | The Lowes and The Prado

Dave and Mandy came down from CANADA! They had a wonderful Coronado beachfront wedding with the reception following at The Prado. We had a riot spending time with their families and their super fun bridal party!
SIDE NOTE: I don’t know why, but Canada is well represented among our clients and that’s awesome! Everybody we have met/know from Canada is totally rad, so I’m aboot convinced to move up there myself.


0429_ceremony_204_MG_4121 copy.jpg
0486_ceremony_261_MG_4220 copy.jpg
The Roundup!
Wedding Dress: Alfred Sung from toronto boutique Jealous Bridesmaids
Bridesmaid Dresses: RW&Co.
Flowers: Che Bella (on 48 hours notice)
Minister: Aline Rozak who also provided the arch and chairs for the ceremony
Cake: Lemon Grove Bakery
Hair: Maggi Novak
Invites and other stationary:
Reception Venue: The Prado at Balboa Park

Jen & Ed’s Maternity Session | Cuyamaca State Park

I have been dragging my feet on blogging this entry. Not because I want to keep all the loveliness that is Jen and Elijah to myself, but because this shoot is fascinating from a nerdy technical photographical standpoint. I was toying with the idea of breaking these images into separate posts when I got called out by Bamboo Star Studio’s for not blogging enough. So rather than spend forever thinking and drafting entries that never get posted I’m just gonna get Ed, Jen, and little Elijah posted!
(But, I will add the slightly totally nerdy notes that will be expanded upon in a future blog!)
Gotta open with this one, because I love it! There’s some fly behind the scenes info on it later, if you’re a nerd be sure to check it out.


NERD NOTE: Ambient + Silver Reflector + Speedlite + Silver Umbrella
NERD NOTE: Same gear setup as above. Ended up with hatchet lighting on Ed, and Rembrandt on Jen. My only gripe is that I didn’t have enough watt/seconds to muscle around the dynamic range like I would have preferred, thus there is more work in post than I would have preferred, but it was totally worth it.
I love the genuine laugh here!
NERD NOTE: Still rawkin’ the Silver Umbrella on my Speedlite, but now using a white diffusion panel to scrim out the sunlight hitting Ed. If this were a movie set or if I had known we were going to plop down in this location in advance, I would have considered a huge 8 by 8 scrim (READ: a couple light stands, some impromptu sandbags, and a sheet…) to kill the hot areas in the background.
SPOILER: I could have used the technique I use later, in the field images, to balance out the lighting, but we have been walking over an hour at this point and neither Gia nor I wanna lug the lighting bag that long! Plus, for controlling this tiny space, a scrim is 100% bulletproof and more body friendly!
HAHA! Jen said “We have to make our MONSTER FACES!” I think everyone from now on will have to make their monster face.
NERD NOTE: Just the speedlite. In an open shadow that’s more than enough light to create a different look.
NERD NOTE: This is a first for me! I’ve been wanting to do this for SOOOOooooooo long. It’s two AB800’s (monolights) powered off a portable battery kicking a whopping 640 watt seconds! They are modded; one is reflecting out of a white umbrella wearing it’s black outer cover (not-shoot through style) and the other is coming out of a 22″ beauty dish. It’s enough light to drop down the background exposure to nice rich non-blown-out colors while keeping good exposure on our lovely subjects! I think I might even use a tad more light in the future, plus it wouldn’t have hurt to have used the silver umbrella instead of the white one. Not bad for a first attempt though!
The shot above is hilarious to me! I love it! I should probably clone out the powerlines like I did for the others, but that’s a lot of work for an outtake!
NERD NOTE: Finally we finish up everything with a few shots with the classic go-to, open shade.

Monster Costume | Absolute Kelvin Studio

_MG_7821 copy.jpg