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Jordan & Gia’s Vacation | Tacoma, Washington

We have been gone for the past week. It was my first time up at Gia’s old stomping grounds and meeting her parents, in Tacoma, Washington. I had a blast! The food was really, really, good. I think I gained 5-10 pounds sampling everything!

Of course, pictures or it didn’t happen. So on with the show!


I love this first image, from the San Diego Airport, so I figured I’d share a large version.


The rest of my happy snaps from the Airport are below. (Click the thumbnails on the right to select images.)


After landing at SeaTac Airport, we spent the night with Gia’s folks, Joe and Dori. And the following morning we set out to see a few of the sights around Tacoma.


One place we went was the Puget Sound ferry landing, where someone had parked their sweet 1946 Buick Super Convertible.

And after the ferry landing we went for a drive and stumbled upon a clearing with a nice view of Mt. Rainier! I couldn’t resist at least one picture.



We went to Seattle, and wandered around Pike’s Place Market as well as around the city a bit.
The top picture is the original Starbucks location, it’s a pretty humble beginning. You might be surprised to see that their logo was originally topless, I know I was.

Gia and I headed over to the Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium. I loved the Lemurs (ahem… King Julians…), and inside the Lemur cage was this crazy Black Golem-Creature eating a leaf. He was my favorite of all the animals there, until I saw their Chinese Clouded Leopards! The trainer got in the cage with them and they bounced around and batted at him and wanted to play with him so bad! Gia grabbed a snap of him hugging his kitty buddies. 
Also, there was a sweet falcon and we grabbed a few snaps of and his crazy talons. Then last, but not least, the aquarium had sharks! It was well worth the thirteen bucks that they charged for admission, if you go up there you’ll have to swing by!

While we were there I took a few minutes to create some images of the family. They’re members of the Single Action Shooter Society (SASS), so we grabbed a few portraits with Joe and Dori in their authentic western outfits.
_MG_3552 copy.jpg
_MG_3554 copy.jpg
And… I also grabbed some natural light snaps of Wookie and Ewok, their two small poochies.
I hope ya’ll enjoyed this update! Let me know what you think in the comments.
– Jordan