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Caite & Alex’s Engagement Session | Coronado Peninsula

We had so much fun with Catie and Alex. It was non-stop laughs and good times. I have so many frames full of giggles and funny faces.


_MG_2585 copy.jpg

This frame is American Gothic. (Minus the pitchforks…)


We we took a stroll down Isabella Ave which is the site of their first meeting! So we had to grab a few shots with the Isabella Ave sign.
Caite and Alex had non-stop energy throughout the shoot, from the piggyback rides to the hip bumps, they truly showed their personalities in the pictures. A great fun-loving couple, we can’t wait for their wedding!

Absolute Kelvin | Featured on BridePOP


Our engagement session with Kate and Robert is currently being featured on BridePOP.
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Jordan & Gia’s Vacation | South Coast Winery, Temecula

We took a trip into Temecula wine country for Gia’s Summer Break. We were only there for two days (if you add the half day we arrived and the half day before we left…), but we had a blast. We visited Wilson Creek Winery the day we arrived and then spent the entire next day touring and tasting at South Coast Winery.

The following images were all taken at South Coast (Winery). We loved Wilson Creek, but unfortunately, didn’t break out the camera that day.


_MG_7412 copy.jpg
At the start of the tour we met Sarah and Dylan (like Bob Dylan). They were both fun and friendly, they even got Gia and me to agree to have our picture taken. Please forgive the quality, we set the camera to auto for this one…
Our tour guide through the grounds was the lovely Judy. She was both patient and knowledgeable.

We asked many stupid questions. She listened…

_MG_7435 copy.jpg
Then smiled and answered them all.

_MG_7437 copy.jpg
From where they keep the barrels and do the bottling we walked over to the warehouse where they house the stills and ferment the grapes.
_MG_7461 copy.jpg
We tasted some wine straight from the stills and listened to how both wine and champagne are made.

_MG_7465 copy.jpg
Deep into the warehouse where fluorescent lights emit an icky green glow.


_MG_7478 copy.jpg
Then outside for fruit, cheese, and instruction on the proper way to taste (more like evaluate!) wine. Gia and I sat at a table with Sarah and Dylan, and Pat and Bernice. I forgot to get a shot of Pat outside, but he is the gentleman in the green hat two images above! Sorry Pat!

_MG_7489 copy.jpg
_MG_7497 copy.jpg
Sorry Dylan’s a tad soft, I knew I should have stopped down to f3.5. That’s what I get for not playing it safe…

_MG_7502 copy.jpg

Gia doesn’t like her scrunched face here, but I think it’s cute. And I write the blog so…

_MG_7515 copy.jpg
After our tasting outside concluded, we were armed with the knowledge to sound smart as we evaluated wine after wine poured by the lovely Ruth. Never without a smile and ever attentive, I ho
pe she is there next time we visit. (Whenever that is.)

_MG_7521 copy.jpg
_MG_7523 copy.jpg

Kate & Robert’s Engagement Session Part 2 | La Jolla Shores

I promised a few more shots from this session, so without further adieu I bring you the tandem bike and matching polos!