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Jordan & Gia’s Downtime | Absolute Kelvin Studio

For about two days Gia and I were feeling a bit under the weather. Rather than loaf, we used the time to work up some speculative advertisements.

The first image is a take on the Adidas “Long Live Sport.” campaign. I envisioned the city asleep, but with a dedicated baseball game playing long into the night. (There are players on that field, but they’re quite small. I am still debating the need to embellish their game.)

In this second image, I wanted to take a product that has been targeted towards men and create an image that would (hopefully) connect with women.
I hope you’ve all been well!

The Cat & The Betta | Absolute Kelvin Studio

Recently, we purchased a Betta for Gia. Naming him was a bear, skip the next two paragraphs if you want to avoid reading the process…

His name is Strawberry. Not only because he looks like one, but because we ate Chinese food earlier the day we bought him and the fortune cookie told us how to say strawberry, in Chinese. (It sounds a bit like “tsao-meh”… here’s a link to explain better!) I really wanted to name him “Tsao-meh”, but Gia was against it since Betta’s are Thai, but the Thai word for Strawberry is Strawberry, so I still call him Tsao-meh, but Gia is going with Strawberry. Got that?
Now for his last name. Fields. Yes, he’s… Strawberry Fields! And while he may or may-not be a Beatles fan, he has been subjected to the movie Across the Universe a bunch recently. (I love the soundtrack, but sadly only own the DVD.)
Strawberry Fields is a big hit with everyone here, but Mr. Pilate has really embraced our new fishy friend. He loves watching him swim about.
If you look carefully (to the left of the cupcakes) you might notice an Easter Basket with some grass and eggs in it. I intended to get a nice picture of “El Gato Negro” inside the basket as part of the series of photographs I am working on for a calendar, who’s purpose is yet to be determined. (I am thinking about donating it to the Humane Society, or Friends of Cats, when finished.)
Unfortunately, the SeƱor didn’t much feel like posing come shoot day. He sat for about half-a-frame before deciding he had better things to do. C’est la vie. Since there’s no pressure to have it done immediately, we’ll just try again some other day….
Oh, and because it’s seemed like a waste to swap backgrounds and not shoot anything, I grabbed a shot of the Mako necklace I just picked up from Sea World.
Ox Ox!
– Jordan

Kevin & Anastacia’s Engagement Session | La Jolla Cove

We photographed Kevin and Anastacia’s e. session down at La Jolla Cove. We try to encourage couples to pick a location that means something to them, and the beach was perfect for this couple. They were a ton of fun to be around and a rich red sunset gave us some wonderful warm tones.

Technique notes:
We used artificial lighting in every shot, both to darken the ambient as well as balance the Sun’s harsh shadow. Late in the afternoon, Anastacia gave us the challenge to shoot a few photographs them in front of the sunset, but with a twist. She did not want to be a silhouette. In the final two images we used a modified portable strobe balanced within 1/3-stop of ambient. By doing this we put out enough light to clearly see our subjects without causing the unnatural look of two Suns.
Please enjoy this small snippet of our session!


Is it Wednesday already?

So far so good, we’ve been trying to blog more, which means you get to hear all sorts of things from us!

I have Pilate snuggling up to my left hand while I try to type, he says “Hi!” and then mumbled something about wanting me to hurry up.

The fish has been sabotaging the cat, I’ve found drops of water outside the fish bowl, but that cat has dry feet. Hmm… Clever fish.

We went to Macy’s yesterday to look for shoes for me, my favorite wedges have been around far too long and are running out of sole. Didn’t buy any shoes, but I did find out that they put the smallest size that they carry out on the floor, so for those of you with small feet, Macy’s is a good place to start looking.

I tried updating our Yelp!, and the site told me to use less exclamation points, I had two in there. Apparently Yelp! doesn’t like enthusiasm.

We watched Alice in Wonderland last weekend, which wasn’t too bad, I’m a little harsher on it than Jordan, but it was worth seeing in 3D. What I really wanted to talk about was the miniseries Alice, the design elements were amazing! It was done by Lions Gate, and was a very different take on the whole Alice in Wonderland/Alice Through the Looking Glass idea.

I guess it’s time for me to be off again, I’m going to pet the cat and get back to some design work.

Ciao for now.


ABC Meeting

We sponsored an ABC (Association of Bridal Consultants) meeting earlier this month, it’s always a lot of fun to mingle with the consultants and other vendors in a more casual setting.
The Event Rundown:
Centerpieces and accent pieces were provided by Sharon Mintz of Organic Elements
Linens were provided by Haydee of Concepts Event Design
Cakes (and cupcakes) were provided by Flour Power
Entertainment provided by Jewell Entertainment
And the La Jolla Beach and Tennis Club hosted the event



Sharon Mintz of Organic Elements


Cakes and Cupcakes by Flour Power

Present at the meeting was Bethel Weiss Nathan of Ceremonies by Bethel.

As well as Wynn Austin of Le Chic Wedding Consulting (in her lovely purple dress!), and the fantastic Erin Melton of Behind the Bride!

And last, but not least, is Glenn Currie. He’s a photographer, so it might seem odd that I’d praise him, but he has always been nice to me. Hi Glenn!

I hope you enjoyed my mini-ABC meeting roundup!



Sea World is Awesome!

Yesterday we headed out to Sea World for a couple hours, we had been spending too much time in house and we’re getting a little bit of cabin fever. We had specific places we were headed in the park; bat rays and sharks. We managed to show up while they were doing the bat ray feeding, so we bought a few trays of fish and I fed the eager, splashing rays. Jordan loves sharks, so we wandered over to the shark encounter to watch them swim around for a while. We got stuck in a little bit of traffic heading home, and stopped by the grocery store to get fixings for dinner. Jordan cooked some chicken breasts and we put them on a salad with some pears and walnuts. Really yummy!

I’m planning to make a lemon meringue pie this weekend, but we have to eat the cupcakes I made last weekend first.

Toilet training the cat is a slow process, he’s not too keen on the change of litter and location of the litter box so we had to add some more steps before we can use the CitiKitty. So far so good, he’s doing pretty well, but it seems that he’s expecting a treat every time he uses the new litter box, he even waits to make sure we know he’s been in the bathroom.

I guess it’s lunch time, but before I go I’m going to leave you with this awesome cartoon I found by Phil Selby.


The other white dress…

Every bride needs a white dress. This goes without saying at the wedding, but what do you wear to all the other bridal events that aren’t on the big day? The short answer is anything you want. You are the bride after-all. However, if you’re one of those people (like me) who pairs the drinks to the dinner and your attire to the occasion, CIARLAbride has another answer for you: The Little White Dress.

Whether you are running through rehearsal, or changing into your chucks at the reception, these dresses will keep you moving freely and looking lovely.
Dress: Tear Drop Bride by Ciarla Bride
Photograph by: Ricardo Reyna
I am quite partial to the tear drop and delilah, but for now I think I’ll stick with my suits.
* Also, heads up to Veiled Vows for turning me on to Ciarla, if you haven’t been over there I suggest you check it out!