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It has been rainy.

Since it has been raining lately here in SD, I had the chance to explore some of the new presentation methods for images in the blog.

And just so nobody gets horribly bored, here is a set that has never before been seen. 
Please leave us a comment if there’s a display format that you would prefer to see us use in the future!
– Jordan

There’s the old standby of inserting an image:
Embedding the SSMax slideshow:
And the blogshow embed:

The zoo!

I said “One of us will be back later for a proper entry”, but I didn’t know that it would take two days.

Sorry about that.

Anyhow, we spent a few hours yesterday with one of our favorite wedding coordinators. Mrs. Brenda Swann of Swann Soirees (and her cool as heck husband!), at the zoo.

By the time we were done there I was famished and ready to get home for some “noms and Tetris”. (Yes, lolspeak has invaded my everyday speech.)

I figured a few happy snaps would give me a chance to test out “SlideshareMAX”, a new program we picked up for… slideshows.  🙂

I’ll probably edit this later to include some of my favorite images of the day, but for now you can check out the whole album (if you like) at:
Slideshow name: zoo (all lowercase)

The slideshow still needs to be fully customized. I’ll be changing the color scheme as well as uploading our watermark and some other nifty stuff. So please bear with the work in progress.



New Blog Entry!

Hello first blog entry! I wanted to scribble out something really quick, but I can’t stay long. Gia is having epic Tetris Player VS Computer battles in the other room and I wanna go watch and cheer her on.

I think I just missed her defeating the lvl. 14 computer stage. (She’s yelling and celebrating loudly in the other room!)

One of us will be back later for a proper entry.